Parental Responsibilities at PNS

Portland Nursery School Cooperative Experience

Portland Nursery School shines because of our co-op structure, which allows parents to be actively involved in their child’s early educational experience. However this will also bring some parental responsibilities. In this model, our teacher plans and delivers all educational programming, but parents provide administrative support for the school and perform many of the tasks involved in its day-to-day operations. Parents commit to help in the classroom on a regular rotation, hold a committee or board position, attend monthly parent meetings, participate in fundraising endeavors, drive on two field trips, and provide support during special events. There are many benefits of the co-op model. In addition to enjoying a unique opportunity to be intimately involved in their child’s education, parents are able to learn about child development and behavior through their time in the classroom and to share their own interests and expertise within the curriculum. Children benefit from being part of an invested, caring community of dedicated parents, peers and teacher.

Parents are required to:

Work in the classroom on a regular rotation
Hold a committee or board position
Attend monthly meetings
Participate in fundraising events
Drive on two field trips
Provide support during special events